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The Following is a complete list of everything done during this restoration, sparing no expense and cutting no corners.

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Removed all trim, handles, lights, grills, gates, bumpers, wheels, etc. 
Sandblasted nearly everything! including: 
                      <All 5 rims 
                      <Both bumpers 
                      <All 3 gates, inside and out 
                      <The entire bed 
                      <All body seams 
                      <The lower 4 inches of the truck 
                      <The front spare tire holder 
Rust was removed when severe with either a die grinder or a plasma cutter to avoid panel warpage and for template use. 
All panels were hand fabricated for close fit and were butt welded with a MiG welder, as little filler as possible was used. 
All bare metal was etch primed using Corlar® 810R (filling wash primer), then all panels were fill primed 2 different times (block sanded in between) using ICI Autocolour® P565-761 (primer surfacer)..  Finally the entire truck  was painted using IMRON® 77257U2, a very high quality single stage paint. 
The Gates were treated the same as the body. 
The rims were sandblasted, lightly scuffed to remove the rough edges, etch primed  (Corlar®) then painted with "Steel Wheels" by Plasticote® 618. 
The bumpers were sandblasted, straightened, etch primed and painted satin black Fastenal® K69984. 
Upon re-assembly all removed pieces were hand buffed using polishing compound Presta Strata Ultra® treated cutting creme to prolong their sheen. 

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For any further information regarding this truck or any other product contact: 
Rob McGill
(519) 864-0857
This vehicle is located in:
Sarnia Ontario, Canada
(1 hour north of Detroit)
Importation help will
be provided if needed.

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